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Fixture Logic is a network of over 1,000 copier professionals working together to protect you and your customer's valuable data from being stolen as well as facilitating your copier lease returns and disposals. 

Fixture logic offers hard drive replacement and overwrite services for all makes and models of

At the end of the copier's life cycle, responsible disposal is necessary versus returning the copier to the lease company.
Fixture Logic offers professional, eco
-friendly copier disposal and recycling.

When disposing of a copier, companies still need to consider data security.
Fixture Logic offers to pull the hard drive and give it to your representative or we can ship it to our vendor for secure shredding with a certificate that the hard drive was destroyed.

If your company is moving or closing an office, timing of moving the office equipment is crucial.
In some cases, a company may need the copier picked up on a specific date or time to ensure they can use the equipment for as long as possible before shutting down the equipment.

With our networks of copier professionals we offer copier transportation companies the services necessary to meet their customer's needs.
Specific Day Pickup, Specific Day Delivery, Stair Climbing Equipment, Consolidation of equipment at one terminal